Create the Life You Want – Wealth Without Risk

Wealth Without Risk

Will Make the Break Through You Want

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How to break through to the life you want! – Wealth Without risk!

Wealth without risk will transform your life into the life you want!

I was totally frustrated with where I was at. My life felt stagnant, I was locked in with no way out. I couldn’t see how I was going to turn my life around.

To make matters worse, every time I stated to get ahead, something always happened.

We want to create the life we want. We all desire to become wealthy, but we don’t know how to do it.

Is there a way to create wealth without risk?

I started going through all the self-improvement courses I had taken. I realized that I had taken most of the courses Nightingale Conant offered. I didn’t know what else to do.

Some of the self-improvement courses I have studied over the years.

Some of the self improvement programs i have studied wealth without risk

I knew if I didn’t do something, I was going to stay right where I was at. Things were not going to get any better.

I wanted to create wealth but I did not want high risk. I wanted to create wealth without risk.

I ended up buying a really expensive program. I thought this was the program that would make the breakthrough to the life, I wanted.

I started going through the program. I was doing all the work, all the exercises, when I accidentally stumbled across the answer.

The process I discovered changed my life.

Once you learn this process, you’re going to be shocked at how simple it is.

Just because the process is simple, don’t sell it short. It is incredibly powerful.

An amazingly simple way to become wealthy. Creating wealth without risk.

Mr. Emile Coue came to this country over 100 years ago and healed thousands of people. He came up with the first affirmation, “Every day in every way I am getting better and better. You took a piece of string and tied 20 knots in it. Every morning and evening, as you fed a knot through your fingers, you repeated that affirmation until you were healed.

That method healed thousands of people.

I had a lot of trouble believing something so simple could be that powerful.

I was listening to a program, I believe it was by Napoleon Hill, when he said, “Emile Coue came to this country about the turn-of-the-century and healed thousands of people”. (About the turn of the century was the early 1900’s)

I almost fell out of my chair in shock. A person I had a lot of confidence in had just vouched for Mr. Coue’s method.

I thought well, maybe it does work. I will give it a try and see if it really does work.

Because I was under a lot of stress at the time, I bought a deep relaxation program. I listened to the program at least three and usually five times a week. I kept track of how many times I used the program.

I could not detect any changes in my life, until between weeks seven and eight. The changes finally kicked in. I suddenly had deep diaphragm breathing. My blood pressure dropped 10%.

If I had quit before the changes took place, nothing in my life would have changed.

The secret to creating change in my life was, I kept listening to the deep relaxation program until the changes took place.

Until Mr. Coue’s method came through, nothing I tried created the changes I wanted in my life.

I tried a lot of times to change different things in my life without success. The reason was, the life I had matched my subconscious beliefs.

When we try to make a change in our life, the changes do not match our subconscious beliefs. What happens then is our subconscious mind immediately starts working to keep us where we are. That is why when we start to become wealthy, something always happens.

Instead of creating wealth without risk, we are trying to create wealth with high risk.

I bought several pretty expensive goal-setting programs. I worked hard on them. I did all the exercises. I made comprehensive easy to follow plans to reach my goals. I never even came close to reaching my goal of creating wealth without risk.

I felt like I was stuck in limbo. It was just flat impossible to create the changes in my life I wanted. I lacked the ability to get ahead.

At one time Mount Everest was considered impossible to climb. An interviewer asked a young lady who just finished climbing Mount Everest, how did it feel to conquer that mountain?

The young lady replied, we didn’t conquer the mountain, that mountain cannot be conquered. We overcame the limitations within ourselves.

I felt like achieving what I wanted was like me climbing Mount Everest. It just wasn’t going to happen. It was impossible for me to become wealthy. That just was not any way I could create wealth without risk.

Then I came across Mr. Coue and his method.

Listening to a person I had a lot of trust in vouch for Mr. Coue’s method, I was motivated to try it.

I bought the deep relaxation program. I kept using the program until the changes happened.

That was the first time I created a change in my life that I wanted.

I finally had something that worked. I had found a method that created changes I wanted in my life.

I had learned how to overcome the limitations within myself.

Changing my beliefs to create and keep wealth without risk.

A person I highly trusted vouched for Mr. Coue’s method. Then I experienced the fact it worked with the deep relaxation program.

I still felt that I had some trace of lingering doubt.

I picked something new, that I wanted to change in my life. It wasn’t anything big, but was relatively small. With Mr. Coue’s method, I had another success.

I was building wealth!

What I was doing was training my subconscious mind. I was conditioning my subconscious mind to make the changes I wanted faster and easier.

I was building a solid foundation of belief that I could have wealth. There were easy ways to make money.

I was overcoming the limitations within myself.

I was creating wealth without risk.

It didn’t happen overnight. It was a journey.

The journey:

A person I had a lot of trust in vouched for Mr. Coue’s method.

I experienced success with the deep relaxation program.

With Mr. Coue’s method, I had more success experiences.

I built up a solid foundation of belief in Mr. Coue’s method. That solid foundation let me create bigger, greater successes.

You have to have that solid foundation of belief to become wealthy.

Now as I am creating wealth, my subconscious mind is in alignment with building wealth without risk. I keep it. The risk in wealth creation has been eliminated.

You can use the same process to create wealth without risk.

Find affirmations that match what you want.

Buy or make a MP 3 recording of those affirmations.

Create the habit of listening to those affirmations.

Experiencing success will give you real motivation to continue the process.

Your continual success in building wealth is real motivation.

Find affirmations that match what you want next in your life. Buy or make a recording of those affirmations. Then listen to them until the changes you want, take place.

Those successes create more successes. You are changing your subconscious to be in alignment with what you want.

Now when you accumulate wealth, your subconscious beliefs are in alignment with having wealth. You are building wealth without risk.

The ability to have wealth is not the challenge you had to overcome.

The limitations within yourself to having wealth, is the real challenge you had to overcome.

Like the young lady who climbed Mount Everest said, we didn’t conquer the mountain, that mountain cannot be conquered. We overcame the limitations within ourselves.

You have won the toughest battle in the entire world. You have overcome the limitations within yourself.

Your subconscious beliefs are keeping you from creating wealth without risk.

How to change our beliefs to create wealth.

Using Mr. Coue’s method to create a success, then using his method to create another success, and another success and another success is how I made the breakthrough to having what I wanted.

Building on one success after another created the foundation of belief it took. As my faith grew, I was able to receive greater and bigger things.

You have to build up a foundation of belief, that you can receive what you want. You can become wealthy.

You can create wealth without risk.

Mr. Coue’s method will build the solid foundation of belief that transforms your life, into the life you want.

The secret to creating the life you want is Mr. Coue’s simple method of repeating the affirmation until your subconscious mind believes it.

Mr. Coue’s method healed thousands of people. His method with create the life you want. You will easily build wealth.

By forming the habit of listening to that affirmation, your subconscious mind becomes aligned with the life you want.

When we change our subconscious beliefs to match what we want.

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The transformation has taken place.

Your subconscious mind has created the life you want. You have become wealthy. You are creating wealth without risk.

Because what we believe, is what we get.

I found a program created by Dr. Patricia Ross.

The program contains:

The Best Affirmations Workbook is a 30-day guide to actively creating the life you want.

The instruction book furnished with the program contains a link that will let you download MP 3 files. There is a MP 3 audio file for each of the 30 days.

You will be able to not only read the daily lesson, you can listen to it at the same time.

Wealth Creation Affirmations; 6 sets of tested and proven affirmations to help you create wealth without risk.

The Best Affirmations Audio; this professionally recorded version of the book is extremely valuable and will come in handy. Listen to it while your exercising, running errands or just about any time you have time to yourself. It’s been edited so you’ll only get the best of the best!

If you need some extra help to create the life you want, a FREE team coaching session is included in the package.

When I found this program, the first thing I noticed was how comprehensive it was. It had a 30-day workbook, 30 MP 3 audio files, one for each lesson, 6 sets of wealth creating affirmations, an audio of the book, and extra coaching help.

This is a very complete program designed for your success.

I thought having a MP 3 audio file for each of the 30 days, letting you both read and listen to the lesson at the same time, was huge.

This complete program will create the life you want, it will create wealth without risk.

The internet has really lowered the cost of information. Thanks to the internet, downloads have really dropped in price. Without the internet and downloads, you could not get a price like this.

The price is $27

For a 30-day workbook, 30 MP 3 files, one for each day, 6 sets of wealth creating affirmations, an audio of the book, and extra coaching help, that is a bargain even for the internet.

And it comes with a money back, no questions asked, guarantee.

The complete program is $27

Create the Life You Want, Today!

Order the Best Affirmation Program Today.

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PS: When it was decision time, I knew I either had to make the effort to realize my dream of having the life I wanted, or stay where I was.

If I stayed where I was, life was not going to get better. If anything, life would get worse. The passing of time would finish killing off my dreams, my hopes.

I didn’t want to keep looking at my future and seeing unending what I have now. Just more of the same old, same old. The same old worries, the same old problems, the constant financial pressure. No hope.

We don’t want to go through life without any hope, no desires for a better life, no dreams.

I had to either keep the life I have now, or make the decision to do whatever it took, to create the life I wanted.

That is the choice we have. We either realize our dreams, or have a terrible feeling in our gut as we watch our hopes, our dreams die.

When faced with a bleak future, I made the decision that I wanted to live the life I wanted. I didn’t want any part of a bleak hopeless future.

I truly hope that everyone makes a choice to have their desires, their hopes, their dreams realized. I hope your dreams create the life you want. You create wealth without risk.

My Iron Clad Guarantee

Blue Ribbon Guarantee

Download the Best Affirmations workbook and put it to the test for 90 FULL DAYS.

If you are not experiencing life-changing results by then, I don’t want your money, and I will give every penny back to you. With absolutely no questions asked and you keep the bonuses! That’s not only a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That’s My Personal Promise to You.

I hope that you take advantage of this invaluable offer and start creating the life you’ve always desired.

To Your Success in Life.

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PS. This is my life’s work and I am honored that you’ve taken this time with me today to learn about the Best Affirmations Workbook.

You deserve the absolute best out of life!

I hope that you continue to explore and grow by leaps and bounds whether we take this journey together or not…

Thank you for your time today and hopefully our paths will cross in the future and you can share your stories of success with me.


You deserve the life you want. Start today, create the life you want through wealth without risk.



Create the Life You Want

Create the Life You Want